Welcome to ScanWorkX®
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Welcome to ScanWorkX®
Learn how ScanWorkX® can improve your business
ScanWorkX® for Microsoft Dynamics AX is the next generation in barcode data collection, featuring a powerful Microsoft .NET architecture. The ScanWorkX interface is hardware-independent, intuitive, easy to use, and “gloved hand” friendly! ScanWorkX supports more than 50 standard Microsoft Dynamics AX transactions with and without barcode readers. Advanced transaction logic boosts productivity and streamlines Dynamics AX workflows. ScanWorkX® logically combines process steps and speeds transaction validation and completion through the use of barcodes, lists of values, and directed logic. We place the highest priority on data integrity, security, real-time response, and user ergonomics. Combine this with the latest in 1d and 2d barcode technology, and you get ScanWorkX, the premier barcode data collection solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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Redefining Normal
Different is Good
With an intuitive, efficient interface, and complete integration into Microsoft Dynamics, ScanWorkX® is the premier Microsoft Dynamics AX barcode system. Optimize your ERP system’s performance with ScanWorkX, a real-time, accurate data collection system.
Fully Integrated
Into Dynamics AX
Fully integrated into the Application Object Table (AOT), ScanWorkX® literally becomes a part of Dynamics AX without overwriting native AX components. Administrators configure ScanWorkX®, even mobile device configuration right inside the Dynamics AX client.
That Changes Everything
With the management monitoring and messaging system (standard with all ScanWorkX 2012 installations) and ScanWorkX® logging and tracking tools, you can reach any user and maintain a real-time view of every action occurring in the system.
Watch an introduction to barcode data collection in Microsoft Dynamics AX with ScanWorkX Your First Look
A Brief Introduction to ScanWorkX®
We’re excited about ScanWorkX®, and we can’t wait to demonstrate how we will change the way you do business in Dynamics AX. This short, energetic video showcases some of our key product features and .capabilities. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and spend five minutes with ScanWorkX®. You won’t be sorry.
Watch an introduction to barcode data collection in Microsoft Dynamics AX with ScanWorkX Real-Time Monitoring
ScanWorkX® History and Tracking
Have you ever wanted maniacal control of your organization? Nah, us either. What we do want is accurate, up-to-the-minute transaction and worker activity information. ScanWorkX® does just that, providing the real-time information you need to maximize your organization’s efficiency. Evil laughter... completely your option.
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